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Smart Water

The Ultimate Water Tank
Level System

What does it do?

The best way to start with Smart Water is with a Starter Pack. Choose either a Wall Mount or a Desk Mount Starter Pack - hook it up to WiFi and download the iPhone or Android app and check the level of your water tank from anywhere!

Desk Mount Starter Pack

The Desk Mount Starter Pack comes with a Desktop WiFi LCD, our Innovative Tank Sender and the Stainless Steel Sensor. At $699, it contains all you need to be able to monitor the level of water in your tank from anywhere.

Wall Mount Starter Pack

The Wall Mount Starter Pack also contains the Tank Sender and Stainless Steel Sensor but with a Wall Mounted flush-box mounting enclosure with a switch-mode power supply.


Our Top Products


Desk Mount Starter Pack


Wall Mount Starter Pack


Wireless Pump Controller


Tank Sender for Additional Tanks

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